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The University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center is recognized as a leader in providing advanced cancer treatment. Read about some of our patients and their life-changing experiences.

Or click here to read patient and visitor testimonials gathered from the Cancer Center's social media sites.

Blood and Marrow Transplant & Blood Cancers

John Burkey: Multiple Myeloma Patient Pays It Forward

Phillip Koubik: Survivor of Rare Lymphoma Looks Forward to the Future

Sylvia Stetz: Leukemia Survivor is "Forever Grateful" for the Excellent Care She Received at UMGCC

Bob Viti: Multiple Myeloma Patient Returns to Active Lifestyle and Raises Awareness for Cancer Research

Ellen Kaner Bresnick: Clinical Trial Provides Promising New Treatment for Waldenström's Patient

Sarah DeGraves: Celebrating Her Recovery from Leukemia Treatment and a Stem Cell Transplant, Survivor Runs Half Marathon to Raise Funds for Leukemia Research

Eileen Diener: CML Patient Finds Transplant Team a Comfort

Bonnie Downing: Bone Marrow Transplant

Gary Jobson: America's Ambassador of Sailing Goes from Cancer Advocate to Cancer Survivor

Arlene R. Kurland: Decision to Participate in a Cancer Clinical Trial a "No-Brainer" for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Susan J. Marcheski: Trials and Triumphs: How Clinical Trials Can Offer New Hope to Cancer Patients

Julie Shub: Preserving Fertility Before Cancer Treatment Allows Young Lymphoma Survivor to Realize Her Dream of Parenthood

Barry Stevens: Cancer Treatment Experience Leads Former Patient to Become Medical Center Employee

Edith Wharton: Watch a Video Patient Success Story of Eastern Shore Resident and Leukemia Survivor Edith Wharton.


Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers

Jailene Reyna: The Center for Image Renewal helps a young girl diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer gain renewed self-confidence.


Brain and Spine Tumors/Gamma Knife

Eric Schuetz: Brain Tumor Survivor Thankful for Gamma Knife Treatment

Susie Skipper: Emergency Spine Tumor Surgery Saves Patient's Mobility

Barbara Higdon: Gamma Knife Gives Seizure Patient Piece of Mind


Breast Cancer

Beatrice Afrangui: Video Interview -- UMMC Anesthesiologist Discusses Her Cancer Diagnosis and How Surviving Helped Make Her a Better Doctor.

Myrna Ben: Baltimore City Woman Helped by Free Breast Cancer Screening Program

Stephanie Cosby: Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Just Months After Turning 40, Stephanie Cosby Advocates for Early Screening

Lizzie Myers: Baltimore City Cancer Program Saves the Life of Breast Cancer Patient

Rose Mary Oeste: A Patient's Perspective: Finding Competence and Compassion in Cancer Care

Sandra Smith: Early Diagnosis and Treatment Save the Life of Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patient

Remembering Cassandra Warthen: During Her Two-year Struggle with Breast Cancer, She Advocated for Early Detection Efforts among the Uninsured

Terhea Washington: MammoSite Therapy Benefits Breast Cancer Patient

Meredith White: Breast Cancer Survivor Grateful For Screening Program

Reflections from Breast Cancer Survivors: Read Reflections from the Twelve Breast Cancer Survivors Featured on the Baltimore City Cancer Program's 2010 Calendar


Gastrointestinal Cancer

Dave Butcher: Robotic Pancreatectomy and the Human Touch: High Tech, High Touch Care Spells Success for Patient with Rare Tumor

Debra Schuman: Robot-Assisted Pancreatectomy Speeds Recovery Time for Busy Nurse

Fatima Peay: Pancreatic Cancer Patient Now Cancer Free; Calls Her Experience 'a Beautiful Miracle'

Jon Sherbun: Video: Pancreatic Cancer Patient, Now Cancer-Free, Benefits from Clinical Trial, Aggressive Therapy

Trish J. Lanier: Compassionate Care Allows Cancer Patient to Focus on Healing

Carl Womack: Stomach Cancer Survivor Running Maryland Half Marathon to Support UMGCC

Betty Gassner: Pancreatic Cancer Patient Gets a Second Chance

Steve Berry: Only Months Before MD Half Marathon, Runner Steve Berry Receives Colon Cancer Diagnosis

George Sobeck: Surgery with Heated Chemotherapy Gives Patient with Recurrent Colon Cancer New Hope for the Future

Linda S: Pennsylvania Woman Undergoes Extensive Surgery with Heated Chemotherapy to Treat Rare Abdominal Cancer

Charlene Jordan: Innovative Therapy, Aggressive Treatment Benefit Woman with Rare Form of Gastrointestinal Cancer


Genitourinary Oncology

Ed Grimes
Ed Grimes

George Padgett: Prostate Cancer Treatment with Calypso Technology

Steward Frazier: Prostate Cancer Survivor Looks Back on 20 Years of Survivorship

Ed Gillespie: Husband and Wife Cancer Survivors Consider Themselves Three-Time Winners

Ed Grimes: Laurel Man Now Cancer-Free Following Prostate Seed Implants

Ed Koorbusch: Speedy Recovery from Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Allows Virginia Couple to Travel to China for Long-Awaited Adoption

Stephen Trice: Robotic Prostatectomy Proves Ideal Treatment for One Man's Early Stage Prostate Cancer


Gynecologic Oncology

Vickie Vaughn: Ovarian Cancer Survivor


Head and Neck Cancer

Michael Abramson : Tonsil Cancer Survivor Credits Recovery to Welcoming Environment and People

Pat Tierney: Video: One Head & Neck Cancer Survivor's Story

Donald Upchurch: A Cancer Journey in Photos and Video

Family and Cancer Care: Stories from the University of Maryland Medical Center -- Nancy Eason, Examiner.com

Jennifer Grogan: Oral Cancer Survivor Says She Was "Cared For By the Best" at UMMC

Louis Schwarz: Surviving the Perfect Storm -- A Journey of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Marsha Reichman: Oral Cancer Patient says She Received "Fantastic Care" at the University of Maryland Medical Center


Lung Cancer/Thoracic Tumor

Kathy Wilmoth: Esophageal Cancer Patient Thrives After Challenging Combination Treatment

Ilene Goodman: Grateful Cancer Patient Dedicates Herself to Helping Others


Skin Cancer

William McAteer: Avid Outdoorsman William McAteer Shares His Experience Being Treated for Melanoma at UMGCC

Meredith McNerney: Young Woman's Rare Skin Cancer Inspires Her Efforts to Help Others Fighting Cancer


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