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Research: Shared Services

Success Rate Data

Previous Injection History of Director:
Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Founder Production from Pronuclear Injection Projects
At least 1 founder produced 43/45 projects 95% successful
At least 2 founders produced 41/45 projects 91% successful
Yearly Statistics
1999 47 founders for 11 projects average 4.3 range 2-11
2000 64 founders for 18 projects average 3.5 range 1-11
2001 90 founders for 14 projects average 6.4 range 4-12
Chimera Production from Blastocyst Injection
At least 1 chimera produced 9/10 projects 90% successful
At least 5 chimeras produced 7/10 projects 70% successful
Yearly Statistics
1999 18 chimeras/1 project
2000 60 chimeras/6 projects
2001 18 chimeras/3 projects

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Injection History of UM-SOM Transgenic Core Facility
(opened January 2004)

Founder Production from Pronuclear Injection Projects

Dr. Chandrasekaran Anesthesiology pTRE2-IFN Gamma 8 founders
Dr. Sussman Pharmaceutical Sciences pLEF-EGFP 5 founders
Dr. Gong Medicine G6665 2 founders
(This construct was injected into the C57Bl6 strain of mice.)
Dr. Gudkov Cleveland Clinic pLV-WAF-ConA-luc 1 founder
(This project is not yet complete, and involves injection of a lentiviral construct.)

Chimera Production from Blastocyst Injection

Dr. Litwack Anatomy/Neurobiology MDGA1 ko 7 chimeras
(These chimeras have transmitted thru the germline.)
Dr. Margolis Anatomy/Neurobiology JHKFLM-01 6 chimeras
(These chimeras are currently being bred for transmission.)
Dr. Hamburger Cancer Center Ebp1 ko 0/48 pups
(This clone has been subcloned and injections are being repeated.)

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