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Biostatistics Publications

  1. Xiong X, Tan M, Boyett J.A sequential procedure for monitoring clinical trials against historical controls. (PDF) Statistics in Medicine 26 (7): 1497-511, 2007.

  2. Liu Z, Jiang F, Tian GL, Wang S, Sato F, Meltzer SJ, Tan M. Sparse Logistic Regression with Lp Penalty for Biomarker Identification. (PDF) Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 6 (1): 2, 2007.

  3. Liu Z, Lin S, Tan M. Genome-Wide Tagging SNPs with Entropy-Based Monte Carlo Method. (PDF) J Comput Biol13 (9): 1606-14, 2006.

  4. Tan M, Tian GL, Ng KW. A non-iterative sampling method for computing posteriors in the structure of EM-type algorithms. (PDF) Statistica Sinica 13 (3): 625-639, 2003.

  5. Qu Y, Tan M, Kutner MH. Random-effects models in latent class analysis for evalutating accuracy of diagnostic tests. (PDF) Biometrics 52: 797-810, 1996.

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