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Dictionary of Cancer Terms

View in Spanish: Colectomía asistida con laparoscopio

Laparoscopic-assisted colectomy (LA-puh-ruh-SKAH-pik-uh-SIS-ted koh-LEK-toh-mee)
Surgery done with the aid of a laparoscope to remove all or part of the colon through several small incisions made in the wall of the abdomen. A laparoscope is a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing. It may also have a tool to remove tissue to be checked under a microscope for signs of disease. The laparoscope is inserted through one opening to guide the surgery. Surgical instruments are inserted through the other openings to perform the surgery. When only part of the colon is removed, it is called a partial colectomy.

Source: National Cancer Institute Dictionary of Cancer Terms, available at www.cancer.gov/dictionary.