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Dictionary of Cancer Terms

View in Spanish: Papiloma intraductal de la mama

Intraductal breast papilloma (IN-truh-DUK-tul brest PA-pih-LOH-muh)
A benign (not cancer), wart-like growth in a milk duct of the breast. It is usually found close to the nipple and may cause a discharge from the nipple. It may also cause pain and a lump in the breast that can be felt. It usually affects women aged 35-55 years. Having a single papilloma does not increase the risk of breast cancer. When there are multiple intraductal breast papillomas, they are usually found farther from the nipple. There may not be a nipple discharge and the papillomas may not be felt. Having multiple intraductal breast papillomas may increase the risk of breast cancer. Also called intraductal papilloma.

Source: National Cancer Institute Dictionary of Cancer Terms, available at www.cancer.gov/dictionary.