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Well Wishes for Dozer the Half Marathon Dog

Dozer the Goldendoodle

I'm the 3-year-old goldendoodle who joined the more than 2,000 runners in the 2011 Maryland Half Marathon to benefit the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Amazingly, I raised more than $25,000 and even got my own Facebook page! I'm planning to be at next year's race, and am already getting ready for the big day—May 6, 2012.

I really love to hear from my friends. Check out some of the great comments I've received. Thanks to everyone for all of your support, contributions and well wishes!

"Greetings, Dozer! Even though I can't even run a block, my spirit is just like yours! Well done, old chap!"
- Winston Churchill the British Bulldog, Tacoma, Washington

"I was waiting for my daughter by the last turn at the finish line and there you came. What a great job! You looked like you didn't even break a sweat. Run, Dozer, run..."
- Beverly, New Mexico

"Dozer, you're a role model to people and pets."
- The Social Petwork

"Dozer, I loved your video! It made me 'paws' and realize that there still is some good in this world!"
- Sammy the Wonder Dog

"Go, Dozer! I am all the way in Australia and saw your story on our news. I can't believe how cute you are. Next time, tell your mummy; she must have been worried sick. Love stories like this."
- Jodee, Australia

"Dozer, you have inspired my dog Stiles, who in turn has urged me to get out and get active with her. Congratulations on your run, and kudos to you for your altruism. More dogs should be like you."
- Kirk Adkins

"Thanks Dozer. Our niece has cancer; she's only 4. She's a trooper. Thanks for helping raise money. You're a great inspiration to us all. God Bless."
- Sheri Hernandez

"Thanks for getting out there to represent us! My mom loved your story so much, she wanted to donate, even though she only ever donates to dog cancer stuff. But I convinced her: you're a dog who's raising money to fight cancer—so there! I'm not much of a runner myself, but if you ever want to go swimming all day, I'm your dog!"
- Charlie Alcid, Troy, New York

"Dozer, we are so inspired by your generous, giving spirit that we have shared your story with all of our Paw Pals at Vitas Innovative Hospice. Our paw pal dogs visit with our terminally ill patients and offer companionship and inspiration. We love your story and we love your spirit."
- Debbie Jac and your friends at Vitas Innovative Hospice, Dayton, Ohio

"Congratulations, Dozer! You did a great thing! My mom's grandma and grandpa died of cancer. We need to beat this disease once and for all! Visit Oregon and we'll run on the coast with you!"
- Sara, Maggie and Jake the Labs, Oregon

"You are such an amazing dog, Dozer! I read your story today and it brought a huge smile to my face! I'm so proud of you for running the marathon and even prouder that you made it home safely! Hope to see you out there running more marathons for other charities and such! I would love to participate with my golden retriever Zoey if there was something like that here."
- Sandy, Los Angeles, California

"Dozer, you make me so proud! My owner gave a donation in my name for you because she wanted to make sure that your efforts did not go unrewarded! I like to run too—maybe it's in our blood. We are all very proud of you and hope that you keep up the good fundraising work!"
- Macy the Standard Poodle

"Well done, Dozer! Kia ora."
- Matthew, Wellington, New Zealand

"Dear Dozer, our mommy is a cancer survivor and we are very pleased to support you in your charitable work. We wish you the very best as you continue to raise money for cancer research. If you ever make it to Florida, there are plenty of dog treats here, and we promise to tip over the cat food bowl for you. Best regards!"
- Mailbox Gooddog and Houdini the Cat, Florida

"Dozer, you are truly amazing and inspiring. Great job crossing the finish line and bringing awareness to cancer research. Thank you for starting our day off with huge smiles. Tail ways your way!"
- Miami Pet Concierge

"Hi, Dozer. You gave me a much needed boost of energy when you ran by me around mile 10. I was wondering where you family was, and am so happy you are home. Thanks for giving all us runners that day something to smile about on that hilly course!"
- Deb

"Hi, Dozer! I just found this page and wanted to say hello. I ran mile six to eight of the half-marathon with you this year! I just had to say you are doing such an amazing job raising money for such a wonderful cause! Keep up the great work!"
- Colleen Norton

"Way to go, Dozer! My parents and I are so proud of you! You the man! High Paw!"
- Madison Holly the Yorkie, Texas

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This page was last updated on: September 19, 2011.